The Treasures of Tutankhamun Chess Set is inspired by the treasures found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun, and has been authenticated by a panel of world famous Egyptologists. The playing pieces are intricately sculptured coated in 24 karat gold and hand painted with black and ivory enamels. The playing board is framed in rich hardwood trimmed with accents of ebony black, and "held aloft" by four sacred guardians of the tomb, Masterfully sculptured and coated with gleaming 24 karat gold. Genuine Egyptian hieroglyphs are inscribed on the frame which translates as "the chess set of Tutankhamun ". The playing field pairs the look of ebony with the glowing richness of rosewood. The playing board measures approximately 22 in.² and 3 inches high. The 32 playing pieces are inspired by images of the Tutankhamun era. These pieces have a protective topcoat on them which will prevent tarnish and discolouration. Comes with a glass pyramid-shaped dust cover, and a certificate of authenticity . Made by the Franklin Mint. This is a rare collectors item

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Price: $5,000.00


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